The Ventriloquist’s Dummy Will Address a Press Conference

The Ventriloquist's Dummy and the Puppet Master
The Ventriloquist's Dummy and the Puppet Master
Why is Dr Manmohan Singh the perfect ventriloquist’s dummy? Because he has no guts and no spine, which makes it easy for the hand up his behind to control him.

Today the dummy will be speaking. In a manner of speaking, of course. Puppets appear to speak but actually don’t speak. All their movements are controlled by the puppet master, and the words are scripted. In this case, Dr MM Singh will be “answering” questions which had to be submitted before hand.

So if you had any doubts whether Dr MM Singh was a dummy, doubt no more. He is. He has been kept quiet for so long. Now his handlers have decided to put him on show. The sheer excitement of him appearing before a live press conference only speaks to the astonishing spectacle of a ventriloquist performance.

Just think about it. The prime minister of a country should not have to have a rehearsed, scripted, press conference to deal with a matter that has attracted world-wide attention and opprobrium. Indians should hang their heads in shame that he continues to be the prime minister. If they had any shame, they would have dragged the guy out of his office and demanded that he answer questions — questions which are out there in the open and which he should have answered years ago.

Dr Manmohan Singh is arguably the most despicably dishonest person in India, which is saying something considering that there are some in India who have stolen tens of billions of dollars from India.

{Thanks to Sudipta for the link where the photo above is borrowed from.}

Author: Atanu Dey


7 thoughts on “The Ventriloquist’s Dummy Will Address a Press Conference”

  1. This was one of the best scripted press conferences that I have seen. Questions were so stupid and MMS even struggled to answer those stupid questions too. The best stupid question goes to Roy from NDTV. He wanted to know if MMS will lead the next elections which are 3 years away from now. I would have done a better job I guess if I had an opportunity. God save India from this stupid MMS and clever witch SG


  2. I hung my head in shame after this sham of a press conference. He has shown conclusively that he is a powerless pawn, pleading that “we take these very seriously”, “I am not a lame duck”, and so on.

    MMS, you obviously failed because the results of your “taking these very seriously” are a big zero.


  3. Though of late I have resisted reading anything to do with India, I am glad that I am miles away from this shameless exhibition moral bankruptcy. I wish the world media covers this and takes shots at India and Indians for some fun and warn them of the worst that can happen to any nation. This dirty episode makes me feel more and more ashamed of being born Indian. I completely agree with CJ that most Indias by and large are brought up on corrupt values and virtues.


  4. Here is a nice link for depicting the spineless nature of our beloved PM. However the language is much subtle.

    Few excerpts:
    “Unfortunately, say analysts, his answers did not reveal a more assertive chief executive who was fully in control of the situation.”

    “the reticent Mr Singh appeared to be more bothered by how India’s image might have been damaged by the media coverage, than by the rising tide of corruption itself. He gave reassurances that the government was “dead serious” in bringing to book “all the wrongdoers regardless of the positions they occupy”. When pressed further, he said: “Wrong doers will not escape this time.””

    “You have to tolerate a lot in coalition politics,” he said rather sheepishly. “We can’t have elections every six months. Some compromises have to be made.” The problem is that many feel that Mr Singh and his party are making too many compromises.

    “People say I run a lame-duck government, I am a lame-duck PM. But we take our job seriously, we govern seriously.”


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