Dr Manmohan Singh is a Despicably Dishonest Man

If you have a sense of deja vu reading the title of this post, don’t worry. That appears to be most apt description of the man (and I use the word loosely), with each new multi-lakh crore scam coming out in the open.

Why does he shield the utterly corrupt? Charles de Gaulle had said that, “in politics it is necessary either to betray one’s country or the electorate. I prefer to betray the electorate.” That does not apply in Dr Manmohan Singh’s case. He is not answerable to the electorate since he is not elected. He is a puppet installed by the Italian-born chairperson of the UPA, Antonia Maino aka Sonia Gandhi. In his defense, he may paraphrase de Gaulle and say, “in politics it is necessary either to betray one’s country or the one person at whose pleasure I serve as the appointed prime minister. I prefer to betray the country.”

Dr Manmohan Singh betrays the country because he cannot afford to betray Antonia Maino. Betraying his boss will cause him to lose his job; betraying the country causes immense harm to millions but he will not lose any sleep on that. Not having a conscience or any moral compunctions affords that advantage to him.

Author: Atanu Dey


8 thoughts on “Dr Manmohan Singh is a Despicably Dishonest Man”

  1. hey there…
    first i would like to say i m neither supporter of congress or bjp.. n i have never voted bcoz i dont live in India..

    I am just writing this reply bcoz i fail to understand one thing..
    if all the govt’s at center are corrupt then y vote for them??? i mean Mr Atanu Dey does it make any sense for you to go cast your vote to one of these corrupt parties, members of whom take away our “lakh crores”… or is it tat we as indians have accepted our “fate” to be ruled by these corrupt ppl, some of whom are involved in cases relating to murder, rape…

    apart of this.. in recent times i wonder wat kind of role is our media and courts playing in all this…
    there is a “big discussion” going on about bringing black money bak to india.. Supreme court wants answers.. media wants answers.. citizens want answers.. but does anyone realize the “secrecy” laws abt these countries.. probably ppl sitting in india dont know.. but some of these countries have secrecy clauses out of which you cant go or else you have to lose out future engagements.. and ohh!! also to think of it.. its us who started this “bribe” culture.. next time dont pay/take bribe.. as per a study in india 51% of all bribes are paid just to get the work done faster.. and its us indians who take bribes, no outsiders are involved..

    every day i read abt rape/molestation on the streets of india.. which makes me wonder how safe is india.. ooppsss… i forgot we ppl elect rapists as our leaders.. wat more to expect out of us..

    About manmohan.. well no words for him.. in one place where he “single hand” lifted india out of its “poverty” we certainly find him running one of the most corrupt govt.. i fail to find reasoning why a person who in his first term almost went to resigning bcoz “stupid” indians MP’s werent allowing him to go ahead with nuclear deal (which in btw is turning to be yet another of the best things he ever did, the world is running behind us), hes sitting quiet…
    well but then to think of it.. personal experience… i m quite interested in commodities market.. just this morning i was reading how “brent crude” prices rose from almost $75 to $102.. damn tats missed revenue.. so now i shld shout out in the streets claiming it as lost revenue.. i also missed the part where the “assets” i sold in 2003 for 30000 would now be sold for 60000… tats lost revenue.. so shld i protest it???? hope you get the picture…

    on the ending part.. i wonder, doesnt these politicians ever fear losing out in elections, that they keep doing all illegal activities as if theres no tomo… oooppsss but i seem to have forgotten.. its a land where you have a choice btw murderer or rapist and none of the “so called clean” men wants to come out in the “mud” and clean it up…



  2. MMS can bleat all he wants about being the architect of India’s liberalisation, but don’t forget, he was the man who implemented and executed much of the license raj system till the tsunami of globalisation and interconnectedness forced the PVN Rao government and by default, MMS with his opposition to the changes, were forced to change their own thinking or be left out of the global economies forever and be consigned to the dustbins of ‘also-ran’ economies like some of our small communist neighbours to the south-east, clinging on to their glorious past.

    PVNRao and MMS were dragged kicking and screaming towards the 21st century. We’ve conveniently forgotten the tremendous pressure our industry leaders exerted on the government to even think of changes.

    One of the most admirable prime ministers we have had is Lal Bahadur Shastri. He was an honest man but an effective one, unlike MMS.


  3. Avik Saha,

    So you think that only politicians can make political comments?

    How about doctors? Can they make political comments? Bus drivers? Programmers? College students? How about business people? Actors? Hair dressers? Farmers? Tailors? Shopkeepers? Authors? Singers? Painters? Musicians?

    Who do you think is qualified to make political comments?


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  5. Dr.Manmohan Singh individually may be a clean man but he is running the government with all corrupt persons. Mr.Sharad Pawar is more interested in ICC than his ministries and wants Dr. Singh to reduce his burden as he wants to devote time for cricket. God knows why so much interest in cricket.Dr. Singh should relieve him from all his ministries and let him be busy with cricket and other all politics.
    Other useless minister is Mr.Krishna—foreign minister. How is that Dr.Singh is unable to find a suitable person for such an important portfolio. This Mr.Krishna reads somebody else’s speech at UN session and still has courage to justify this. Dr.Singh should have kicked him out of the ministry as soon as he reached India. Such grave mistake would not be pardonable even from clerk in any office.
    But our MLAs and MPs are above everything they are not accountable for anything. There are so many of them who are having cases such as murders and why special permission is required to prosecute them.
    There are so many mercy petitions pending with President and the decisions and advices are not being given to President and the files are kept pending for years.
    Afzal Guru’s death sentence is not being implemented because he is of muslim community.The congress party feels there will be riots. It is shame that congress feels that Muslims are not nationalists. It is actually an insult of all Muslim community by congress. Muslims should understand this game of congress and dump congress in elections like in Bihar.
    With all this it is a big joke that congress calls itself a secular party.
    Dr.Singh however honest individually he may be should show the guts to clean his ministry first. Let him know that the supporters for these ministers will shout for few days then keep quite as general public will support him in his actions.
    Let him act as PM and not an appointee by the congress president.


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