Does your brain work differently?

Apparently according to this test, my brain works quite like that of the vast majority of humans. Take this quick test to check your thought pattern. Do tell what happened in a comment but please don’t spoil the test for others by revealing your answer. Just say whether you are with the majority or not. It would be interesting to see how the numbers stack up. Thanks much. (Caution: Don’t read the comments if you want to do the test and not prejudice yourself.)

Author: Atanu Dey


38 thoughts on “Does your brain work differently?”

  1. 98% as well.

    I reckon, after doing no of fast arthmitic calculations, mind is in a hurry and when it comes to the last question, we tend to think in hurry and pick popular ones coming to mind and thats what puts you in the 98%. Would be interesting for someone working with wide varity of those things in real life, would pick differently.


  2. i am one of 98%… but i added the numbers differently just for the heck of it (or perhaps since i wanted to to it differently!!) πŸ˜‰

    for example 3+56= i) 86 or ii) 48 instead of 59.

    i)3+56 => (3+5)6 => (8)6=> 86
    ii)3+56=> (3+5)(6)=> (8)(6)=> 48


  3. I was in the 2%. Am quite surprised at the 98% answer that it is claimed to be. We can probably test its credibility by looking at the result here.


  4. I thought of my multipurpose wrench that works on all sizes of bolts and does many more things…and its steel grey colour

    so I am different. boss never thought so. He has been lecturing me to think differently but he says I am dumb as a hammer.

    Atanu: doesnt seem to be a reliable test. I think everyone thinks differently and across large population the the results may differ.. by geo, age, gender. Even a basic z-test will fail here.


  5. Hehe!

    What was the point of this test? It did not provide me even comic relief! 😦

    I happen to be in the 2%, which seems to be at least the 20 % in this comments’ section. πŸ™‚


  6. See how David Blaine reads your Mind.
    Especially about the 2 digit number between 10 and 50 with odd and different digits.

    I think a carpenter taking a test would say a brown saw as an answer. Nothing special in this.


  7. Purely, statistics.
    Red & Hammer are common colors/tools thought of by a major percentage of the population (offhand responses – not calculated ones)

    If it was cars it would be Maruti in India (maybe in silver/red/white which sell most) or maybe Ford in US etc.


  8. Yes Dr Dey, I too fall in the same category as you and rest of the majority!
    The “hammer” thought came to me instantly, and then i actually thought of blue but for some reason ‘red hammer’ made more sense!

    My take is that the series of arithmetic exercises programmed our brains to think in a predictable, linear, “schooled” mode. Closed out any creative/out-of-box thinking possibility.


  9. umm…. confusion
    i first saw a complete image of hammer which was brown and its metalic part was shining. so hammer and brown.
    but then 2 sec later i changed it to hammer and red.
    where do i lie exactly???


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