Stupidity at the core of Human Misery

Today I came across a document which said in part, “Code of ethics to be signed by Every Minister that will prevent them from benefitting during their term in the Government.” I could not but be touched by the naivete of the author. Forget about the poor structure of that statement, but imagine what magical powers that mentality which gave expression to that idea ascribes to oaths!
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The Fountainhead of Corruption

Dr Subramanian Swamy is pulling no punches in his fight against corruption in India. He appears to be the only high-profile politician who has taken up cudgels against Antonia Maino, aka Sonia Gandhi, the woman who appointed Dr Manmohan Singh the prime minister of the Congress-led UPA government. I wish that there were others in the media and in politics who had the chutzpah to take on the unholy bunch that is wrecking India. Dr Swamy says that Sonia Gandhi is the “Gangotri” of corruption in the country.
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