A few questions for you dear Readers

Faisal Shahzad’s bomb bombed. I have a few questions for you, dear reader.

I wonder if you would help me out here. My question is, has the Indian media connected the destruction of the Babri Masjid and post-Godhra riots the Times Square bomber? Has the Sangh Parivar been held responsible for what Shahzad did? Has the media reported that Blue Turban has been losing sleep over what’s to happen to the terrorist Shahzad? Have there been candle-light vigils at the Wagah border by bleeding-heart pseudo-secs yet? In other words, what’s the word on the streets, and how has the hunt for the wonderful scapegoat going?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Dr. D,

    Correction please. Shahzad was driven to it out of wanting ‘revenge’ for the 2002 Gujarat riots (oops.. sorry … pogrom). Kindly note that all islamic terror from 1992 to 2002 was as a result of Babri Masjid destruction. All islamic terror since 2002 is a result of Gujarat riots (err… I apoligies once again. it was a pogrom)


  2. @pc:
    Ideally Kasab shouldn’t be hanged. It is too good an option for him. All his troubles will be over. He should be sentenced to hard labour for the length of his natural life time without any parole and other privileges that most criminals enjoy. But that will cost too much; already a few hundred crores have been spent over him. So the death sentence is a realistic option not what he deserves.

    @Arvind S:
    What about terror before 1992? What do they blame it on? Oh wait does anybody even remember terror before that. Never mind the millions brutalized in Bangladesh(then East Pakistan) or the millions who simply disappeared during partition. Naturally it was all the fault of the filthy Kuffar.


  3. Dear Dr.A D as usual it is the great Satan’s fault.

    Had an interesting dialogue with a media-motormouth/commie/liberal jholawallah(jhola from Gucci).

    MMCLJ:It’s all America’s fault.It’s foreign policies cause perfectly sane people to lose their balance.
    Never mind that the average satan-worshiper(read American) actually has little/no say in policy creation which is mostly dictated by the MIC.

    MMCLJ:The patriotic Faisal Shahzad was merely protesting against the discriminatory policies against Muslims and/or Pakistan. The bomb was not meant to go off it was just a warning- a political protest!!!
    Remember how Bhagat Singh did the same, threw an ineffective bomb in the assembly to protest against the British.
    How can the Americans get away with giving so little aid? If the mullahs are gonna take over the world they need more than just a few F-16s and other assorted terror-toys that Americans sell to them.

    Don’t you know that Islam is the religion of peace.
    Naturally, just like all Olympic athletes are physically fit.


  4. Mr Dey ,

    I am following your blog from last 1 year . Your thoughts and ideas are unique and quite stimulating. To the answer of the above question : All of these could have happened soon , but we don’t have parliamentary elections in next 4 years:-)


  5. Our media won’t do what you say about bombing in US unless US media does. Any western news has to come through the filter of US media – if they create the link to Babri, our guys will or if they link to Gujarat, or better yet to Modi himself, our guys will do that too

    Freedom to make up news about these issues stops at the border for our liberal media. For overseas news, our free media looks up to free media in the west.


  6. Atanu, apparently, FBI have in their possession, Faisal Shahzad’s password to his Google Reader list. They have solid evidence now that he had subscribed to quite a few RSS feeds. His link with RSS and, therefore, the Sangh Parivar has been established.


  7. @raj
    Awesome reply.
    Whoever subscribes to any RSS feed is communal in India.
    Should we tell this to the seculars (suckulars) they’ll take it for real:)


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