India’s First Dictator — Indira Gandhi

June 25th, 1975 was the day that Indira Gandhi revealed that within her beats the heart of a ruthless dictator. On the 35th anniversary of that day, it is appropriate to remember that the Congress party brought authoritarian rule to India for the first time after independence. More accurately, Indira Gandhi brought dictatorship to the land. What matters today is that the descendants of Indira Gandhi are becoming increasingly powerful and could very well revert to dictatorial ways. Let’s ponder that for a bit. Continue reading “India’s First Dictator — Indira Gandhi”

Use the Phonetic Alphabet

Every once in a while I get frustrated trying to figure out whether someone said “t” or “d” or “p” while spelling out a word. So as a public service, I urge people to learn the phonetic alphabet. It makes life easier — and on top of that it is very very cool to spell words quickly. My name for instance is spelled as “alpha tango alpha november uniform.” Continue reading “Use the Phonetic Alphabet”

Now for Some Good News

Shri Narendrabhai Modi
Shri Narendrabhai Modi
Since I focus a lot on the mis-governance of India by the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and its hangers-on, the matters discussed here are generally depressing. It’s time to contrast that with the successes of Gujarat under Narendrabhai Modi. Continue reading “Now for Some Good News”

Contempt for Indians

C’est la vie! I have been all over the place — literally. Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad. Hence the more than usual neglect of this blog. For now, here’s a quiz: Who asked his father permission to transfer to Oxford because “Cambridge is becoming too full of Indians”? Clearly shows a huge contempt for Indians. Easy answer but please don’t peek below the fold before answering. Continue reading “Contempt for Indians”

Edvige Antonia Albina Maino aka “Sonia Gandhi”

Censorship comes naturally to the Congress — since they have a lot of conceal and hide. It would be too damaging to their fortunes if Indians got to know the truth. The Indian motto reads, “Satyam Eva Jayate” (Truth Alone Prevails). The Congress have persistently tried to see that “Asatyam Eva Jayate” (Lies Alone Prevail). It did work in the past, and to some extent it continues to work. But times are a changin’ and it will not be long before Indians wake up to satya. Continue reading “Edvige Antonia Albina Maino aka “Sonia Gandhi””

Manmohan Singh is really and truly a despicably dishonest man

Mohan Murti writing in Business Line of May 31 asks “Is the nation in a coma?” I think so. The nation’s leaders are dishonest, corrupt, venal, and criminal. Yet the citizens don’t seem to know or care. The most telling fact is that Dr Manmohan Singh, the prime minister of the country, is an astonishingly dishonest person. But he enjoys a reputation of being clean. Dr Singh presides over a collection of the most heinously dishonest bunch of criminals ever to have walked the earth and yet there is no outrage among the citizens. Continue reading “Manmohan Singh is really and truly a despicably dishonest man”

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