Going back to the basics

It is time to get back to the basics. It is time for this blog to get back to what its primary concern is: to discuss matters that relate to India’s development. It is entertaining and diverting to once in a while engage with jholawalas like rajkamal and expose their hollow Islamic ideology but eventually we have to focus on the principal issues.

I have been pondering an important concept for the last couple of weeks. Economists call it the “coordination problem”. It is central to human society and how successfully that problem is addressed determines the fate of a society.

Coordination lies at the heart of all activities, from the political to the commercial. The mechanisms that have been developed to solve the coordination problem are surprisingly diverse. In a bit, I will go into that. So for now, I will stop feeding trolls like rajkamal. It was fun while it lasted but now it has gone stale. Like last week’s garbage, rajkamal and his cohorts have to be taken out and sent to the garbage dump.

Author: Atanu Dey


7 thoughts on “Going back to the basics”

  1. Dear Atanu,

    I respect the work that you are doing here.

    Is it possible for us to try to start listing down the laws that cause the most problems in having a proper market economy? If we classic liberals can have a list of them, then we can ask for repeal one by one.

    Like Givewell and MIT poverty action lab rank charities by the good that they do, we can rank the areas where classic liberals should be focusing their activism, a kind of maximum bang for buck thing.



  2. hi atanu

    i see traffic police take bribe worth 50 rs to i donno how much depending on the type of vehicle. I see a lot of brokers in hyd khairtabad license office making thousands of bucks. I want to stop it but i’m afraid…somebody might catch me…

    Whats ur opinion on this..ty



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