Islam’s Stockpile of Human Bombs

Mr Kanchan Gupta of the Pioneer writes about “Islam’s Stockpile of Human Bombs.” It makes me very afraid.

Here’s an excerpt.

Yet, there is no single pattern or explanation to what drives men and women into committing a horrific act of self-destruction aimed at killing innocent people. Reem Riyashi, a 22-year-old mother of two toddlers, blew herself up at a check-post on Israel’s border with Gaza in January, 2004. It was publicised by Hamas as the ultimate expression of loyalty to Islam and sacrifice for the ummah. In a video tape recorded hours before she became a ‘martyr’ and which was shown on a television channel controlled by Hamas, she was heard saying, “I have always wished to knock at the door of heaven carrying skulls belonging to the sons of Zion.” Later it transpired Reem Riyashi’s husband had discovered that she was having an affair with a senior Hamas office-bearer. The hapless woman was given the choice of death due to infidelity at the hands of her enraged husband or death as a ‘martyr’ by becoming a suicide-bomber. She believed the latter would fetch her redemption in the eyes of god, her family and society; her children would respect her.

How, then, would we explain why an Iraqi mother strapped her unsuspecting little child with remote-controlled explosives and blew her up as she raced to collect chocolates from an American soldier who would visit the neighbourhood every day to play with the children? Or the sheer cruelty of a Taliban commander who trains young boys and girls to become suicide-bombers? The BBC recently ran the story of a 13-year-old girl who escaped from home, terrorised by the prospect of being turned into a ‘human bomb’. She told the BBC how her brother, who is a Taliban commander, trains ‘human bombs’, among them his own sisters. Nor is it easy to explain why Humam Khalid Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, an educated Jordanian who is believed to have been on the CIA’s payroll and was given the task of tracking Ayman al-Zawahiri, apart from being trusted by the Jordanian authorities, blew himself up at Forward Operating Base Chapman in Afghanistan, killing seven CIA agents. His family had no clue about what he was planning to do; they thought he had gone abroad to study medicine.

Explanations are not easy to find for a phenomenon that defies logic. We are now told that MI5 has come across evidence to believe Muslim doctors who trained in British hospitals have returned home and joined jihadi ranks with the task of preparing ‘bosom bombers’ — women who volunteer to have explosives implanted in their breasts that cannot be detected by scanners and X-ray machines at airports. Technology and theory spun around a terrorist’s psychoprofile — there cannot be a psychoprofile to profile all terrorists — can help us only up to a point. Beyond that, it’s a grey area, a no-man’s land where logic is replaced by the illogical urge to die and destroy.

Go read it all.

Author: Atanu Dey


2 thoughts on “Islam’s Stockpile of Human Bombs”

  1. Rather than getting scared, we need to pump up the ante against the Islamic menance. We should not fight a defensive war, rather an offensive one with pre emptive strikes.
    By war I don’t mean fighting with guns and weapons but rather with the truth and being fearless of these sons and daughters of Allah who wish to take away our freedoms.
    Its high time that we realised that if Islam takes over, it might take another millenia before the future generations get to know any freedom.


  2. Google ‘son of Hamas’ and ‘’, wafa sultan, ayaan hirsi ali – and read first hand versions of former muslims tearing apart their own faith.Wall Street Journal had recently published a piece on ongoing ‘contract marriages’ in Palestine, arranged by a recognized marriage agency and performed by a cleric. The marriage may last an hour to a few days. Yes monies do change hands officially. Prostitution can be reduced this way, some muslims nod in agreement. But the deal is, this kind of marriages have the sanction of religion and happen in other lands like Iran as well. So far as mans sexual needs are concerned Islam remains very proactive. Women almost are second citizens and objects of pleasure at best here. Suicidal women are a depressed lot and have been abused one way or the other.They believe they can go to heaven after jihad and that is the ultimate gift (killing infidels) the muslims can give their prophet and god. Ask the militant muslims in India, if they perceive the circumstances are fitting the equation of jihad, then they have no hesitation to ensure entire land of India go up in flames with suicidal bombers. Both mosques and madarassa drive home the doctrine of jihad, without any lingering doubts diluting their commitment to their faith. Cheers.


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