YSR’s Funeral

Oh what a circus, oh what a show . . .

The Times of India reports that YSR will be cremated.

On Friday, at 1 pm, YSR’s body will be taken to Pulivendula, his native town in Kadapa district, where he will be cremated with state honours.

The Times of India also reports that YSR will be buried.

The state funeral of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy will take place in his native Pulivendula town in Cuddapah district at 5.30 pm on Friday. A Protestant belonging to the Church of South India, YSR will be buried according to the Christian rites.

The paper does not reveal in which order the burial and cremation are to take place. Only in the Slimes Times of India.

This reminds me of the story of a man whose mother-in-law had died. He got a telegram from the funeral home asking whether to bury or to cremate the body. The man replies, “Take no chances. Do both.”

On a more serious note, it now appears that it was known that it was dangerous weather to fly in but that YSR insisted that he carry on with his trip. He’s a VVIP and the pilots had to follow orders. And they died needlessly. I suppose power not only corrupts but eventually makes people delusional. Sanjay Gandhi met the same sticky fate, all due to believing that one break the laws of physics with the same impunity as one routinely breaks man-made laws. YSR had it coming. My only sympathies lies with the pilots who were forced to fly to their deaths.

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. Well said! He was blatantly corrupt, yet the masses have difficulty seeing this. It shows that public opinion can be easily manipulated. Unless these people can think for themselves, we are destined to be a third world country.


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