Andhra CM dies in Helicopter Crash

IBN Live reports

. . . He was a dynamic Chief Minister. It is a tremendous loss to Andhra Pradesh and the Congress party. It’s a terrible time because he could have achieved so much as the head of the state,” said Congress Spokesperson Jayanti Natrajan.

Not to mention the loss to the agenda for converting everyone to Christianity. He could have achieved a lot more conversions than he did. Sad, truly sad.

“I had hoping till the last minute that some miracle will happen. If the party is feeling this way I can’t imagine what the family is going through. He was the kind of leader who could turn probability into possibility,” said Congress leader Renuka Chowdhary.

Sort of like the miracle of turning water into wine, eh? Makes you wonder why he didn’t elect to simply fly unaided through the air — like Jeebus walking on water — instead of traveling like mere mortals. And dying like one.

“He is my God. I can’t believe he is no more,” wailed a Congress party worker.

Now, now. That’s blasphemy. Don’t you know, Mr Congress Party Worker, that thou shall have no other gods before me. Time you caught up with your bible reading, don’t you think?

“He gave life to several people through Rajiv Arogyasri (health insurance scheme for poor). Nobody had imagined he will lose his life this way,” said another Congress worker.

Yes of course. Mr YSR Reddy personally created the wealth that “gave life” to people! Never mind that it is taxpayers who fund all the schemes that are named after Rajiv, Nehru, Indira, Sanjay, and the rest of the Nehru-Gandhi clan.


Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “Andhra CM dies in Helicopter Crash”

  1. It remains to be seen what happens to Ramlinga Raju now.
    YSR was the reason Raju has not even been prosecuted despite the magnitude of his fraud.

    With his god-father (bad pun) gone, expect his head to roll soon.

    Or more interestingly, will we see all sorts of skeletons tumble out of YSR’s closet.


  2. Having eliminated most of his rivals in congress and other biggies in TDP, it will be interesting who becomes the CM.

    With the dynastic rule of congress, his son Jagan may be the candidate although he is young for a CM>


  3. I wonder if it all is fate or design (the designing skills that Italians are world-famous for)
    List of dynamic congress leaders (read people who could challenge the dynasty) who died in accidents:
    1. Madhavrao Scindia
    2. Rajesh Pilot
    3. Samuel Reddy

    Anyways, Samuel would have supported the dynasty through thick and thin and pursued their conversion agenda. A tiny part of me says “Good Riddance”


  4. Wonder how his son and son-in-law will take ahead the conversion agenda ahead. It is all in the family you see, father transferring his power (in a democratically elected government) to his son, and they both pursuing the conversion agenda with evangelical money and misappropriated temple funds. The result: churches on temple lands, state sponsored trips to jerusalem, and many more.


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