9 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. Shourie had made an interesting assertion some time ago — india is in two races.
    One race to the front, one to the dung heap.

    Notch one more up for the race to the dung heap.


  2. We are so F****…pardon the french…hopefully this is the equivalent of Bush’s re-election and we can see BJP coming back next elections with a better leadership. If you will re-call my comments earlier, this was an election for BJP to lose and they lost badly. Let us hope they will learn their lessons.


  3. Brain dump (somewhat negative, if you suffer from the ostrich head in the sand syndrome, please don’t bother reading or responding):

    – The election is the main news today but the bigger news was in the HT – an article on Manmohan Singh mentioning to the US that some Nuclear sites are already in Taliban controlled areas. Great! Someone should study the Taliban and model our education system based on them. Lets convert our temples/mosques/churches into modern, progressive universities where we brainwash kids into becoming suicidal entrepreneurs.

    – why do people worry about nominal GDP growth rates. Is 8% growth when inflation is running at 7% more desirable than 5% growth today when inflation is 2%? Why don’t we teach economics 101 in 10+2 or in the first year of every undergrad program?

    – I am tired of fighting the inflation oriented policies of central banks. If they really want to target/control prices (which they should not by the way) please target an asset price index (including house prices). I’m not sure why a central bank should obsess about a retail price index but not other asset prices.

    – Was investing in outsourcing and BPOs malinvestment? Have we created a generation of call center/BPO zombies especially if the developed countries now swing back the pendulum of globalization as they inevitably must? Did we really need a BPO boom? Maybe we did, but there’s something uncomfortable about it.

    – Why do we require a 3 year B.Ed before someone can teach? Is there really that much to learn on how to teach?

    – We keep talking about the demographic dividend – what are your probabilities of it being a demographic disaster instead?

    – One has to pay more in India than what one would pay in the US for the same wireless router. The price in India has not decreased since 2004. India does not make *any* wireless routers even though prices indicate that it would be more profitable to make and sell here than to export (assuming production costs are the same or lower as it most likely is).

    – when I look at the premier conference program (KDD) in Computer Science, 40% of the papers are from research in China (Microsft Research Asia is a big contributor). Where’s Microsft Research India? If it exists and you know someone there, please give them a kick in their butt on my behalf.


  4. Well as people elect their leaders , they must like Congress party over BJP. Now I am not sure how much right do we have to say that should not have happened. No matter how much educated you are and how you see that party screwing it up ever since we got independence. But if majority wishes congress party to rule ,there must be something about it …. I am not really into buying arguments how people win elections these days and all.. As both sides can use same mechanism. Corruption/muscle power / False promises. I am not sure what clearly identifies one from other. It would be very stupid on our part to say only Congress does that… So in spite of all these things People vote Congress to there have to be other reasons which we completely ignore. And if we really wish to bring any change in the system , isn’t one thing clear..We need to educate masses so that they ca think more before casting their votes. But the sad part is I do not feel like going in those villages and teaching them. What i can do is remain in my AC room , open laptop, connect to wireless , read some news/opinions , write about them on my BLOG and hope that others would be doing same. How dumb … My voice simply do not reach where it should really be reaching and NO magic does not happen. Period.

    P.S. I am also a blogger. This is not criticism of any sort but just self inspection on a unfortunate day.


  5. Dude your party lost… ha ha

    after rubbing that in

    Is it just the electorate?? … a bunch of dumb (and sentimental) fools…
    or is there something really wrong with the party’s reach ?

    Maybe the idealogy is shity … doesn’t blend in with the culture of most people of this land.

    something’s missing

    what’s the word that the french use?
    je na se qua


  6. I like your posts from 2004 through 2006, and even some in 2007 better, than those from past months. Can’t say what has changed. I don’t know if its me, but of late, things sound more like propaganda, rather than making clear an existing issue, or situation, and proposing various solutions for it. And too many ‘I said so’ s. But, it might be just me.


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