The biggest clown in the circus

I think the biggest clown in the circus must be Mulayan Singh Yadav — affectionately known among his followers as Mullah Singh Yadav — of the Samajwadi Party. He has figured out that computers lie at the root of the problems that India faces. Why?

“The use of computers in offices is creating unemployment problems. Our party feels that if work can be done by a person using hands there is no need to deploy machines,” Mr. Mulayam Singh said at a press conference after unveiling the [Samajwadi Party] manifesto.

Actually, his world is internally quite consistent. According to him, “the basic cause of terrorism lies in regional differences.” Which means that if India were to develop faster than Pakistan or Bangladesh, it would lead to conflict. Since it is not possible for the Islamic republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh to join the 21st century, as they are busy dragging themselves back to the stone ages, the only way for achieving parity among India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is for India to also join the party. How? Ban computers and just along the way ban agricultural machines, ban education in English, . . .

Actually according to him all these new-fangled things are really not in tune with ideal society — 7th century Arabia. “The Samajwadi Party will focus on increasing security at the borders and ensuring that India has better policies with regard to neighbours like Pakistan and Bangladesh so that the three countries develop together.” Computers are obviously haram, not halal.

“Nothing should be allowed to go beyond certain limits. We have seen enough of computerisation and any further move in that direction would be detrimental to the overall growth of the nation.”

He felt, “Even proliferation of management courses seemed to have only resulted in producing more and more unemployed MBAs.” [Source]

It’s a circus.

6 thoughts on “The biggest clown in the circus

  1. Hi Atanu,
    I am a regular reader of your blog. The first thing that came to my mind when I read this news this morning was to forward it to you. Glad you read it yourself. Mulayam is certainly setting new highs in stupidity. So in crux he wants to keep people as labourers instead of improving their skills to use new technology… People such as these are the most hypocrites of our society.. On one end they will have no problems using all the products that are direct output of advanced technology (mobiles, cars and gizmos) while vehemently opposing the use of same technology for the benefit of society..



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