Month: March 2009

YouTube bends over

YouTube has banned the James Randi Educational Foundation channel. The reason is not yet known. I fear that it did so because of some religious group was offended by the JREF’s rational argument. Can’t really blame them since even governments… Read More ›

Making of a garden city

Whether personal or societal, transformations generally require will and vision. In the case of personal transformation, unless one is a schizophrenic, a combination of intelligence, basic human values, determination, foresight and will is sufficient. For social transformation, something more is… Read More ›

Of IT and Pascal’s Wager

Technological Idiocy Technological hubris is sometimes the result of infantile solipsism commonly encountered among those who are – paradoxically – at the two opposite ends of a spectrum of technical competence: those who are understand technology very intimately and those… Read More ›