Where’s Waldo Now?


Good news!

Where’s Waldo Now” has been reissued. Worth having around the house. Kids of all ages would love it.

I have copied bits from one of the reviews at Amazon below the fold.

(If you are considering a gift for me, I strongly recommend “Where’s Waldo: The Complete Collection.”)


OK, so where am I now? I am in Mumbai on my way to Hyderabad this afternoon for a meeting at the Indian School of Business. I’ll be back.

Bits from a review at Amazon:

“Where’s Waldo” series consists of unique colorful picture books where the illustrations are filled with hundreds of tiny characters doing all kinds of funny things. Your goal as a reader is to find Waldo, a guy in red and white shirt on all those pictures. If finding Waldo gets too easy then you can spend countless hours trying to find other special characters and situations. Mentally, this activity is similar to assembling a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle, only it’s more fun.
One great thing about Waldo books is that even small children can spot Waldo as well or even better than adults, it doesn’t require any skills other than good eyesight and ability to pick out details. This makes it fun to read together and compete with your kids of virtually all ages, not just 4-8 as the Amazon reading level suggests.

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