Traveling for a bit

So here begins a bit of travel. I will be in Mumbai tomorrow and in Hyderabad at the TiE-ISB Wednesday through Friday. Saturday 8th I will be back in good old Pune but only for a short while. Back to Mumbai on Friday the 14th of Nov and go to the US on 15th of Nov.

I expect to be in back home in the SF Bay area on the 15th itself. A couple of weeks there. Which means that I will be celebrating Thanksgiving (Nov 27th) with friends in the Silicon Valley.

Then I head off to the East Coast for a week. I will be in Edison NJ, Philadelphia PA, and NY NY. Then a week in Toronto Canada and then back to the Bay Area and stay a week or so and return by end of December.

I am very excited as I have not done any serious traveling since June. Let’s meet up if possible.

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