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[Thanks to Jayant for the link.]

I find the bit about “grazed” donuts really funny because I have known a lot of Japanese people. Too bad he “exprained” it. Also the bit about getting a couple of immigrants to do the dirty work — shows that his father does have a sense of humor. Have fun.

Post script: Thanks to Amit for pointing out the typo in the name. It is “Nainan” and not “Nianan” as originally posted.

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “Standup Comic Dan Nainan”

  1. Atanu,
    Only in America could a joint Indo-Japanese production grow up to be a very funny man.
    Now I am looking forward to the first “Hinjew” comedian.


  2. Unfortunately I could not enjoy this stint.

    The reason – this was the exact same material he used on a comedy forum almost 3 years ago,when i saw him.

    He needs some new material, alright 🙂


  3. Dear Everyone:

    Thank you very much for the kind words, I truly appreciate that very heartily. When I think about the number of people who’ve watched my videos online, times the number of minutes in the video, I shudder to think how many man hours of productivity I have wasted all over the world LOL!

    As far as your comments, kaunteya, one thing that you may not be aware of is that as comedians we use a lot of our material over and over, because with 300 million people in the country (and 6 billion people in the world, which I consider part of my audience as I have performed in 18 countries), is quite rare that you will have the same people in the audience again and again.

    For example, if you were to see Russell Peters, Chris Rock or Jerry Seinfeld or pretty much any other comedian on tour, and you went to every show in the different cities in which they perform on the tour, you would find that the act would pretty much be the same word for word from night to night and city to city.

    The challenge we face as comedians when we do a given show is deciding whether to do the tried-and-true material that we know is going to get a laugh every few seconds, as you see on the video, or experiment with some new stuff that may or may not get laughs.

    I take a class whenever I’m in New York City, and it is there, and that some of the smaller shows in the clubs, where I venture out with the new material. If I am doing a television taping for an audience of 4000, I’m much more likely to stick with the tried and true.

    Next time I am in your city, I’d be happy to give you a couple of complimentary passes to my next show where you can see the new material I’m working on, which is getting a great reaction.


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