Plagiarism by Big Media

Sudipta wants bloggers to wake up:

Bloggers, wake up! For long the mainstream media has been plagiarising pictures from our blogs for long. And they seem to get away with it with impunity. Because they don’t respond to emails. They don’t publish letters sent to the editor about their reporters lifting images with impunity. How can they — these losers can’t stand up to own their mistakes; . . . They copy images, text, opinions, and they aren’t man enough to acknowledge the source: let alone ask for permission or compensate monetarily. Twilight Fairy, Archana, Bobinson have pointed it out before. And now, Shrinidhi finds one of his pics on the Times of India.

So how does one respond to theft? By reporting it. And by using the law. But then, you have to have laws against intellectual property theft and have the time, money and persistence to go through with an expensive and protracted legal case. But what about petty intellectual theft? It’s possible but very unlikely that any individual has the capacity to drag something like The Times of India to court.

I guess that in the case of petty plagiarism of the sort that Sudipta is pointing at, the remedy is that sufficient people call “Shame on you!” Perhaps the word will get around and will deter theft.

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