Oh noes, the internets are down!!

For the last few days, internet service has been terrible at my end and I could not get online. Tata Indicom VSNL at its best. And when I tried to call in to their customer service, I realized how utterly miserable that company is. Not only do you get put on hold, but while on hold they have the most astonishingly irritating music that they play at an ear-shattering volume, and interrupt it every few seconds to announce, “Tata Indicom, the best way to connect to the Internet”, “We know your time is valuable and appreciate the time you have taken to call us”, “Please continue to hold as our customer service executives will be with you shortly”, and other such inane bullshit.

Tata Indicom is a pathetic, worthless, vile corporation run by a gang of stupid cretins whose head honcho must be a lobotomized comatose moron if this is the best that it can do.

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