Old Soldiers Never Die

Old soldiers never die,
Never die, never die,
Old soldiers never die
They just fade away.

Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji “Sam Bahadur” Jamshedji Manekshaw MC (April 3, 1914 – June 27, 2008)

Here’s a warm farewell to Sam Manekshaw from a little boy. And from a soldier to Sam Bahadur.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “Old Soldiers Never Die”

  1. Having read some info on indian military, a more nuanced image comes into being.
    Not a bad guy, mostly good but some one who was a british chamcha and one of the many who have lacked foresighted on how to develop military either. He gloated over Bangladesh(A war that was for pakistan to loose not for india to win)
    YMMV but to me he appears as an Ok operations guy (perhaps above OK) but lacking organizational development and despite his exposure to other militaries, and being a high profile fella his contribution towards developing a varied skilled army is miniscule.
    so perhaps he was only a soldier but there are too many of them.
    Indian Army is still full of nonesense and deliberately ethno marcial race caste-language jingoism. Which inturn is legacy of indian culture as well as british development.
    In delhi in 82-83 sardars were protesting and postering with slogans like “from 50% sikhs in army to 20%. see what independence has brought us”
    The situation still is regimentation in army still is not about skills but regions. Marathas Jatts etc, And you just have to strike a conversation
    with any one to see how awful there heads are about martial race and war being in their blood.
    This is reducing but not b/c of Sam Bahadur and many others ‘heros’, At the hight of 71 wars sucess they could have done more about such issues but to me that their views were kiplinguesque….
    Its reducing b/c of the skills that are needed more and more in the army and the mindest that goes into acquiring those skills generaly finds tough guy style pep talk bullshit.
    Back to Sams legacy and nearly all army officers from that era’s legacy is of People who werent indian visionaries by any means, who were mostly left over from a colonial appratus who did not try much to develop a better system.


  2. India has not won any war other than bangladesh war that is only because pakistan could not support her army at bangladesh distance being long.1965 war a stalemate,1947 war nehru foolishly conceded kashmir to pakistan, 1962 war the less said the better.india did not have any general like rommel of montgomery.


  3. I forgot to mention another fact about Maha Yodha Sammy.
    The jolly good fellow hosted the british general fighting for the pakistani side over kashmir in his own residence….


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