The Numbers

Time to do the numbers. This blog has been publishing since September 2003, just a few months short of five years. During that time, it has accumulated over 1,100 posts, and people have commented over 7,000 times. Around 1.1 million pages have been viewed in the last three years, going by the numbers Sitemeter reports since September 2005.

Thanks you all for visiting. I hope it has not been a total waste of your time, and I trust that you have found something of interest here. Of course it has been fun for me. For otherwise I would not have persisted in writing. I have made some good friends through this blog whom I would not have known otherwise. I have made a few enemies as well but it is well worth the friends.

Life is a random draw. That was the title of the first blog I wrote, way back in the early days of blogging while I was at Berkeley. That blog is now defunct, thanks to the strenuous efforts of spammers. The admin at my department at UC Berkeley took it offline a couple of years back. Besides, I thought that I would concentrate on this one exclusively.

This blog has become a part of my identity. It serves as an introduction to who I am, what I consider important, and issues that occupy my mind professionally and personally. Writing is a way of learning, a process of self-discovery through an exploration of one’s thinking. The written word is a record of ephemeral and elusive thoughts, a trace of the immaterial in a material form. I often delight in the recollection that re-reading my own writing affords me. If I have one bit of advice to offer, it is this: write down what is important to you now so that you will have a reminder should you need it.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “The Numbers”

  1. Atanu, my best wishes and congratulations. Your blog has served as a lighthouse amidst a lot of confusing and contradictory ideas. Not just your views on the free market and economics, but in general your style of writing, coherence and your logic in probing various subjects makes this a delight to read every single time. I don’t agree with all your ideas, but don’t miss a post nevertheless. Thank you for all these posts… do keep writing!


  2. Congratulations in advance for the upcoming 5th birthday!

    I follow your blog quite regularly, I sometimes say “EXACTLY!!” and I sometimes say “What crap!” , but I bow to your ability to keep up such a high volume of well written, logical and thought provoking posts despite (I am sure) having a whole lot of other things to do.

    Looking forward to a lot more enjoyable reading on this site!


  3. Atanu,

    Thanks for your efforts. Am addicted to your blog. After 2 years of extensive reading, I realize that it is best to be choosy about what to read rather than do read everything. Yours is among the best simply because there is thought put into what you write.

    Please keep writing and know that there are a lot of us who appreciate the time you put into this.
    If there is one thing I’d like to see more of, it is pointers to something concrete that readers can follow-up and do something.


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