Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Just over a month ago, I wrote about Prof C N R Rao’s take on what ails Bangalore. A respected academician and an adviser to the Prime Minister of India, I considered Prof Rao’s opinion to be extremely misguided and wrong. He is at the very least at the top of the heap of educated Indians and should know better, I thought. Worrisome though it is that someone as accomplished as him is so starkly mistaken, what is more distressing is that lower down the pyramid of minds, you find it occupied by minds that are equally if not more confused. A comment from a young lady to a blog post reads:

lol…that was funny wat all mr rao has to say….with leaders like him d country sure is doomed!
its IT whoz saving us!

I don’t know which is more terrible: Dr CNR Rao’s idiotic rant or the response by an “educated” person. She does not even bother to use standard spelling. Perhaps she does not know, or perhaps she does not care.

What matters is that she does not know that IT is not what’s saving the country or what can save the country. If she is the end product of our Indian education system, then it is failing and failing miserably. Not only does she not know the facts or even appears to care for facts, but she is unable to reason.

The country sure is doomed. She better look into the mirror one of these days to understand the real reasons.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Author: Atanu Dey


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