There Must be Violence Against Women

Despite such [Quranic] instructions, beating is considered a type of violence, according to human rights organizations, which urge women to complain to the police. I just wonder what kind of families our societies would have if Muslim women started doing this regarding their husbands.

Relationships between fathers and daughters or sisters and brothers also provoke argument from human rights organizations, which propose the suggested solutions for all relationships. Personally, I don’t think fathers or brothers would undertake such behavior unless there was a reason for it.

The above quote is from here.

There are always good reasons for violence against women. Take for example, the case of 16-year old Aqsa Parvez in Canada, strangled by her father last month because she refused to wear the hijab. Or the case of the Egyptian taxi-driver in Texas who shot and killed his two teenage daughters on Jan 1st because they were seeing non-Muslim guys.

Human rights? Oh come on, human rights have nothing to do with it as women are sub-humans anyway. OK, subhuman rights activists could get into it but human rights activists have no business in these matters.

Related to the above:

A 57-year-old Oak Forest man set a fire that killed his pregnant daughter, her husband and the couple’s 3-year-old son because he was angry that the son-in-law came from a “lower caste system” and had not asked for the daughter’s hand in marriage, prosecutors said Tuesday.

In a hearing at the Markham courthouse Tuesday morning, Subhash Chander was ordered held without bond by Cook County Judge Martin McDonough in connection with the arson and murder of Chander’s pregnant daughter Monika Rani, 22; her husband Rajesh Kumar, 30; and their son Vansh. [Source.]

Author: Atanu Dey


4 thoughts on “There Must be Violence Against Women”

  1. Vaidehi
    Dont know what the hell are you saying
    especialy the bit about
    “granting economic freedom which is in reality economic subservience”?

    and PS
    Knowing about Krishna, He would have satisfied her if she was his type.
    She wasnt he didnt even want to see her naked.
    His preference was hirsute like Jamwants daughter.


  2. Duh? This post is unusually mixed up.

    Are we talking about the fundamental issue of violence against women irrespective of any involvement of a third “we-intend-to-do-good” party? A hint at sarcasm comes up when “subhuman rights org” is identified as the “correct” agency to intervene.

    Are we talking about religion, in particular Islam, overriding basic humane values? The quoted article does not offer any reasons to justify violence against women except some principles of Islamic society. Since religious ideologies are deaf to reason, an emotional sarcastic outburst is natural.

    A number of ‘separate’ questions are buried in this topic. For instance:

    1. Use of violence in general.
    2. Use of violence against women.
    3. Ideological (religious as well as rational) frameworks for (and against) use of violence (in general, and against women in particular).
    4. Islam as one such framework.
    5. Casteism as another such framework.
    6. Can a, and how should, a third party intervene in case of an incidence of violence?

    What are you focusing on in this post?


  3. Apologies for digressing, but considering this is posted under rant, I don’t feel entirely obligated to stay on topic.

    Atanu, you have on many occasions stressed the need for facilitating the urbanization of India, specifically the creation of a large number of cities with populations of ~1 million. I completely agree with you on this, however the methodical approach to urbanization you speak of will most likely never occur in India. Continued urbanization will more likely resemble the case of Bangalore: unintentional, uncoordinated, and born from a bug.

    This leads me to why I’m being so rude right now. Mr. Tata is probably waxing his car right now, getting it all shiny for the expo . Most critics of the car say that India’s big cities such as Mumbahi are incapable of handling the volume of traffic this car will generate. Well yes, so what? The same can be said of Manhattan. These people fail to mention the impact this car may have on the rest of the country. The advent of the automobile and the “american car culture” had a tremendous impact on development of american cities. Other than the new SEZ policy, I can think of no other development which will encourage the creation of new cities within India.

    I must say though that I don’t have a very good grasp of the average indian consumer’s mindset, when it comes to things such as shopping, dining, and vacationing. Who knows buying this car may be more of a status symbol for a family. What do you think? Am I being overly optimistic? Maybe its just my car culture acting up.


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