Yet Another SSRS Letter

In a few days, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living will be right outside my door for an entire week. The AoL is having a huge gathering not just within Magarpatta City but in the common area in front of the building I stay in. I will have a bird’s eye view of the proceedings from the balcony of my 11th floor apartment. Lucky me.

SSRS’s followers continue to send me unsolicited mail. Lucky me once again.

They don’t seem to understand that I express my views on my blog; I don’t write emails to people I don’t know forcing my opinion on them. So if they want to express their views, there are dozens of options in terms of blogs. They should avoid sending me mail. Else I publish their idiotic rantings just to underline my case that some of SSRS’s followers are brainwashed retards that don’t have a clue and are clearly unable to comprehend written material.

Here’s one that I got yesterday, posted in its entirety for the record.

Subject:Is Atanu Dey a con man

You too are a con man because you recongnized SSRS so well…of course he is extremely good at marketing…better than you apparently.

He sends a message of peace and love while yours is hate. It is ok to put SSRS in the useful category but which category do you fall into…this is something you should ask yourself.

SSRS has millions of loving homes in 152 countries around the globe. How far has your con job gotten you.

SSRS has created many loving homes around the world…what is your message and what has your message accomplished?

I think you are just jealous that he is better con man than you are…you wish you could con as well he is able to.

Just one suggestion: Wake up first and then get your fetters off!

But then again, the fact that you have fetters on is just my opinion…I am entitled to the right of being wrong. But if you do have them on, take them off and do your research and present real facts, instead of misleading your readers with nonsense. The useless
comments such as yours can only come from a diseased body but then again that too is just my opinion.

Krishna Allam
Houston, Texas

The guy is, shall we say, mentally differently enabled. He admits that SSRS is a con man, a conclusion that I have not been able to arrive at. But his actual complaint is that I have categorized SSRS as “useful” — and not the Supreme Commander of the Universe out of whose Nether Regions the Sun shines in all its Splendor. Mr Allam wants all sentient beings to proclaim SSRS as SSRS the SCOTUoowNRtSsiaiS.

Nope, SSRS is merely useful. It does not matter how many houses he owns or how many people suck up to him. You Mr Allam, on the other hand, are a less-than-useful retard. Take a course in remedial reading.

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Author: Atanu Dey


7 thoughts on “Yet Another SSRS Letter”

  1. Atunu, seeing the fan mail 🙂 your post gets, I would be careful before I publish the address! I hope there are other 11 story high buildings around. Anyways one will need very strong arm to throw something up 11 floors! Keep the posting!


  2. replying to “vs” comment above:
    Anyways one will need very strong arm to throw something up 11 floors!

    catch the bugger if anyone can throw a stone that high. he is badly needed in our cricket team 🙂

    — ashish


  3. Friends, I have attended some AOL courses. I think there is nothing new in these courses. It seems the whole structure and model of AOL is based on the Osho movement. Sudarshan Kirya is nothing but the Dynamic Meditation of Osho. In my view, Ravi Shankar is the censored version of Osho. Only problem with Osho was that he was obsessed with sex talk. That was the reason why normal Indian families were not much involved with Osho. Only single ‘misfit’ types of people were involved with him. But our Ravi is always careful while talking. He has carved a niche in the Indian and abroad ‘Family’ Market Segment. But, by and large Ravi is just a pygmy when compared to the ‘Himalayan’ personality of Osho. Thanks


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