“If you take all the pieces of Bollywood out of our lives – the celebrities on the billboards, the songs in the nightclubs, the stars on Page 3 – Indians would find their lives to be completely empty,” said Shuchi Pandya, a jewelry merchandiser in Mumbai. “It’s subconscious. Even if you don’t enjoy Bollywood movies, it becomes a part of your life.”
[The concluding lines from an Iinternational Herald Tribune article “Can Hollywood make a Bollywood movie?“]

I don’t have a very high opinion of the Indian masses (and that goes for the vast majority of humanity — Indians are not special) but this is simply untrue. Shuchi Pandya should speak for herself/himself and not generalize that all Indians lead lives of such pathetic and unrelieved shallowness that the only matter animating them is Bollywood movies. The writer of the article is an idiot sensationalist willing to convey the impression to his firangi readers that all Indians are empty-headed morons.

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  1. Atanu, The article is about hollywood studios making hindi movies. It is stated as an opinion of some,Shuchi. He did not imply any such thing as we are morons.


  2. Atanu,
    Some people [Pankaj Mishra comes to mind] will do/write anything to get a byline in an American newspaper.Pathetic.

    p.s. – AG, it would be mighty generous of you to bring this blog post to the author’s attention.


  3. Says Shuchi from Mumbai Townside,
    “Bollywood has, but one downside.”
    To try and remove,
    The bollywood groove.
    From Indian lives, would be suicide.

    Why Shuchi, you page 3 devotee,
    If you’re a girl, I wish you a goatee.
    If bollywood’s fall,
    Screws me up at all,
    I promise I’ll live in a langotee.


  4. FYI – here’s the blog for the author/writer you guys have ridiculously criticized in your comments.

    He has written some brilliant articles in both the NY Times and IHT about India and is anything BUT another “phoren” writer trying to undermine India.

    See for yourself.


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