Pragati — Rejuvenating India

The Aug 2007 issue of “Pragati” — the publication of Indian National Interest is out. This special issue is called “Rejuvenating India” (pdf download 2.3MB).

I have two pieces in there. The first is a reprint of an op-ed piece for Mint which I had with Reuben Abraham. The second is a piece I titled “The Age of Profound Ignorance.” I try to make a case why India needs to liberalize its education sector.

I must say that Nitin Pai and the team have done a fine job. I am sure that the Indian policy establishment will find much of value in Pragati. Please feel free to pass it on to the movers and shakers within your circle.

The Age of Profound Ignorance

We find ourselves in the midst of a transition, from the industrial-value-added analog world to the information-value-added digital world of the future. The relatively static world of the past is giving way to a dynamic world that defies comprehension and easy descriptions. The institutions that worked in the past are losing their relevance in an accelerating and rapidly changing world economy – one that is getting more interdependent and interrelated. This change is more radical than that which accompanied the transition from a primarily agricultural to an industrial economy.
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