Flat Out Shocked!

Ron Somers, President, United States-India Business Council, writes a letter to NY Times on March 8th, 2006, titled “Thomas Friedman Is Flat Wrong” in response to the NY Times “Letting India in the Club” (Column by Thomas L. Friedman, March 8, 2006)

The Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) does not prohibit the sharing of civilian nuclear technology with India, contrary to Thomas Friedman’s insinuation.

Here’s a bit more.

In fact, the NPT encourages nuclear technology’s peaceful use, and embracing India in this regard will actually advance the NPT’s objectives.

President Bush’s and Prime Minister Singh’s landmark agreement promotes peaceful use of civilian nuclear technology, while preventing diversion of civilian technology to military use. This explains Nobel laureate Mohammed El-Baradei’s unequivocal support of the U.S.-India civilian nuclear initiative.

For the record, the United States has a civilian nuclear sharing agreement with nuclear-armed China. Mr. Friedman fails to explain why India, with a spotless non-proliferation record and strategic partner of the United States, should be treated less favorably than China. Moreover, unlike Iran or North Korea, India has never violated the NPT. . . .

Tom Friedman flat out wrong? I am shocked and thunderstruck. Shocked, I say, I am SHOCKED. {End sarcasm.}

Post Script: I think there is a law in the universe which maintains a balance between good and bad. How else can one explain the puzzle why Tom Friedman has a column in the NY Times? It must be to balance the sane, thoughtful, incisive analysis of Paul Krugman on the pages of NY Times.

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  1. Balance between good and bad – at least there is a Ron Somers to declare that Thomas Friedman is flat wrong, in the same NY Times, although only as a mere letter…


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