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Dr. Atanu Dey – Edward Hugh – The Economy of India

SUNDAY, MARCH 05, 2006

James Reese, Atanu Dey and Edward Hugh discuss the Indian economy.

Topics covered include: Indian development options; should India be treated as a single country; should India concentrate on services as an engine of growth; the role of public education in economic development; what role should the Indian government play in economic development, and what is their current 5 year plan; and prospects for the next 10 years.

Dr. Atanu Dey, an economist with Netcore Solutions living near Mumbai, India. Edward Hugh is a consulting economist living and working in Barcelona, Spain. Edward’s areas of research are demography, macroeconomics, and the Euro.

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I miss the days when I used to work at HP in the Silicon Valley. Those were the days. One of the high points of my time there (7 years ending in 1991) was my association with the Usenet group hp.mic. The quality of discussion and debate was a joy. A few months ago I joined a google group of ex-HP folks. Sure enough, some of the old hands were there. I am delighted to point you to Tom von Alten and his blog Ft Boise. The range of topics is matched only by the generosity of spirit that motivates it.

Dr Wafa Sultan

If publishing a bunch of cartoons results in significant death and destruction around the world, imagine what it must require to actually speak critically of Islam on an Arabic television program. Dr Wafa Sultan has — how should I put it — gonads the size of the globe. A Syrian-American psychiatrist living outside Los Angeles, she is talking. Her talk is not pretty.
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