Fragments – 2

The Missing Middle

“Often in Indian you can find a very fancy Rs 12,000 a night hotel room, and you can find a flea-ridden Rs 700 a night hotel room. Why can’t you find a good clean comfortable Rs 2,000 a night room? What is with this missing middle?”

“Hey, same as in food. I can go and get high-priced medicore food at a fancy restaurant at a fancy hotel and get low-priced low-quality food at a hole in the wall. But it is hard to find a reasonably priced restaurant serving reasonably appetizing food. Again, the missing middle.”

“How about eduation? High priced and fancy, or almost free and totally worthless. How about decent education at reasonable prices?”

Why the excluded middle?

The Holy Land of Nehru

Most regular readers of this blog figure out soon enough that when it comes to the question of India’s ills and its causes, I refer to Jawaharlal Nehru. Like all roads eventually leading to Rome, all my explanations into what India is suffering from and why lead to Nehru, the Nabob of Cluelessness, at some point. I look around the country and marvel at how much damage has been caused by one single individual. It will take centuries to clean up and the cost in terms of lives lived in abject poverty and misery will amount in the billions. According to estimates, fully 700 million people in India are below the poverty line defined by international standards which is approximately less than $2 a day. Nehru and his descendants — both direct (Indira Gandhi and her progeny) and intellectual (the communists) — are responsible.
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