You Only Live Twice

You only live twice,
Or so it seems.
One life for yourself,
And one for your dreams.
. . .

You drift through the years
And life seems tame,
Till one dream appears,
And love is its name.

And love is a stranger
Who’ll beckon you on.
Don’t think of the danger,
For the stranger is gone.

This dream is for you,
So pay the price.
Make one dream come true,
You only live twice.

Title song for the James Bond movie, sung by the inimitable Nancy Sinatra.

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4 replies

  1. Hmmm.The lyrics are simple and sweet. Let’s see how it sounds…


  2. Sweet and Simple. I would like to know the author.


  3. I think, the lyrics are by Nancy Sinatra; Coldplay also has a cover version of this song.
    I had a request; I am not that poetically inclined, so even this simple lyrics seems to go over my head. Can anyone explain the underlying meaning of this song? Thanks in advance.



  4. SBR.. have you ever dreamt!


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