6 thoughts on “Something fishy in Denmark

  1. The BJP’s previous term was riddled with massive country wide strikes that crippled the country for days. You don’t see any of that under congress…

    I used to think that was a good thing


  2. Why ? This blasphermy bullshit has gone on for too many centuries. Its not just the islamic clerics, it is true of all our spiritual sects. I have seen “hurting the sentiments of hindus” quoted as reasons for bans and protests often enough. Less said about European antique christian blashpermy laws the better. I guess once they tolerate irreverance, it will quickly slide to further enquiry which no relegion can tolerate for obvious reasons 🙂


  3. I think it is very foolish of anyone to keep repeating such offensive and immensely hurting newspaper stories time and again about religions, faiths, beliefs that are close to people’s innermost convictions, knowing that repercussions are liable to be acute and violent.

    Love for one’s God or Gods or reverence for intangibles like one’s religion and saints are not debatable; if surprise-strategies of violence have been adopted by Islamic groups (which are called Terrorism by non-islamic countries),it is only because of non-availability of resources, training in the scale that the USA has anyway. So to malign Islam or grossly insult or demean the Prophet shows a lack of culture and maturity, and definitely a moronic lack of understanding by the Danish Newspaper.

    Methinks that a sense of fairness and justice will take us all a long way to peace and harmony.


  4. Reminds me of the following story, probably from TheOnion or some such source:

    “California’s GDP now exceeds that of France…French workers go on strike until this brutal injustice is rectified.”


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