Our Moribund Educational System

The Indian education system is in distress. It is critically in need of reform since it is inefficient and ineffective. What exists today is something that was designed to serve the needs of a different era with different objectives and compulsions. For sustainable development of India, the country needs a new system which is economically … Continue reading Our Moribund Educational System


The theory of computation studies a class of problems called 'NP Complete.' These are problems that are considered computationally hard in the sense that all known algorithms to solve them require a non-deterministic Turing machine polynomial orders of time. The traveling salesman problem is a classic example of this set. They all share one characteristic … Continue reading A SET OF HARD PROBLEMS

The High Cost of Living — 2

The cost of living is high in India, as I mentioned the last time. The dominant theme around where I live in Kalyani Nagar in Pune is one of massive construction. Multistoried residential buildings, shopping centers and office complexes are sprouting with astonishing rapidity. Despite the increase in the quantity supplied of floor space, the … Continue reading The High Cost of Living — 2