The Indian Economy Blog

For a multi-faceted view of matters related to the Indian economy, I recommend the aptly named Indian Economy Blog. It is a group blog and the contributors are well-known and well worth reading. I am listed as a regular contributor but I am afraid that I have not contributed much regularly. I intend to rectify that error shortly.

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* Amit Varma
* Atanu Dey
* Naveen Mandava
* Prashant Kothari
* Reuben Abraham

Contributors – Guests

* Amitabh Arora
* Blue Sky
* Edward Hugh
* Gaurav Sabnis
* Kaushik Banerjee
* MadMan
* Nitin Pai
* Ravikiran Rao
* Salil Tripathi
* Yazad Jal

One thought on “The Indian Economy Blog

  1. Oh, I love that blog. I think they have excellent articles about the Indian economy. BTW – never realized that you were also a regular contributor there 🙂 (I guess I don’t pay too much of attention to the ‘author’ field)


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