IGT Education: Reader comment

A reader, “P”, wrote in response to my “intergenerational transfer model for education” and said:

I came across your blog and the intergenerational model. I thought it was brilliant. My only concern was to do with making graduates realize that they owe something back to the institution. I went to a REC, received a highly subsidized education but do not have immense feelings of loyalty toward it, at least not enough to give back to it.

However, for the way it is structured, I think that the model will work. Keep me posted on what you plan to do about it. I would definitely want to contribute my two cents.

My response to P:

My proposal does depend on reciprocity but that notion has to be agreed upon prior to getting the education and the education itself should inculcate into the student the social responsibility that he or she has towards others. If it fails in that regard, as I remarked, the institution deserves to fail.

I am afraid that I am just an armchair theorist and don’t think I have the capacity nor the funds to make anything of any significance happen.

Author: Atanu Dey


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