Favorite Bits: We are made of stuff

The phrase that comes to mind when I consider the move from movabletype to wordpress for this blog is disruptive change, that phrase so beloved of those worthies who write those content-free fat management books. I think the change is nice but it has disrupted all kinds of things. Links internal to the blog are no longer functioning and one gets the highly informative 404 error message. So I have had to spend hours manually fixing broken links and categorizing posts. While doing that I re-read bits I had written. I am pleasantly surprised that I like what I wrote and want to point to one of my favorites: we are made of stuff.

I have recently, thanks to my colleague Saee at Netcore, added in the right hand column a list of blogs which I read. They are a mixed bunch but have one thing in common: their authors have the good sense to consider me worth reading (ha, ha!) Seriously now, the list is under construction and I would get it all done in a few more days.

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