A Set of Useful Tools

Bertrand Russell considered the basic purpose of education to be the “formation, by means of instruction, of certain mental habits and a certain outlook on life and the world.”

I believe there is a small set of very powerful tools, or mental models, that can help us comprehend the dynamic world we live in. It is surprising that such a complex and complicated world is amenable to comprehension using only a small set of tools. But it is indeed true. The tools that I refer to are immensely powerful and flexible. That these tools exist is a powerful testimony to the ingenuity of humans. Seemingly innocuous and simple ideas have profound implications. Continue reading “A Set of Useful Tools”

IGT Education: Reader comment

A reader, “P”, wrote in response to my “intergenerational transfer model for education” and said:

I came across your blog and the intergenerational model. I thought it was brilliant. My only concern was to do with making graduates realize that they owe something back to the institution. I went to a REC, received a highly subsidized education but do not have immense feelings of loyalty toward it, at least not enough to give back to it. Continue reading “IGT Education: Reader comment”

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