Of Sly Mendacious Vindictive Idiots and Ignorant Gullible Myopic Retards

I did not bother to vote in the US Presidential elections this time even though I did receive my absentee ballot. I am registered in California which is guaranteed to not go to Bush. My anti-Bush vote would not matter, therefore. And I am not sufficiently interested in the local issues to cast a vote either way. So I decided that it is not worth the bother of mailing in my vote.

Bush is the worst thing that could have happened to the world in the recent past. In an open letter in the Guardian Unlimited, Richard Dawkins wrote:

Before 9/11 gave him his big break – the neo-cons’ Pearl Harbor – Bush was written off as an amiable idiot, certain to serve only one term. An idiot he may be, but he is also sly, mendacious and vindictive; and the thuggish ideologues who surround him are dangerous. 9/11 gave America a free gift of goodwill, and it poured in from all around the world. Bush took it as a free gift to the warmongers of his party, a licence to attack an irrelevant country which, however nasty its dictator, had no connection with 9/11. The consequence is that all the worldwide goodwill has vanished. Bush’s America is on the way to becoming a pariah state. And Bush’s Iraq has become a beacon for terrorists.

In the service of his long-planned war (with its catastrophically unplanned aftermath), Bush not only lied about Iraq being the “enemy” who had attacked the twin towers. With the connivance of the toadying Tony Blair and the spineless Colin Powell, he lied to Congress and the world about weapons of mass destruction. He is now brazenly lying to the American electorate about how “well” things are going under the puppet government. By comparison with this cynical mendacity, the worst that can be said about John Kerry is that he sometimes changes his mind. Well, wouldn’t you change your mind if you discovered that the major premise on which you had been persuaded to vote for war was a big fat lie?

I fully agree with Dawkins that Bush is a sly, mendacious, vindictive idiot. It is not a crime to be a SMVI. You would not choose to invite a SMVI over for dinner. As long as SMVIs do not bother you, you would leave them alone and go about your business. But it is a matter of grave concern when a SMVI is the President of the US, arguably the most influential man in the world. But can you blame the SMVI for being the president? Not really. He is just a SMVI. It is the collective idiocy of a sufficiently large number of ignorant gullible myopic retarded Americans that is responsible for elevating a SMVI to the highest office in the land. Bush is a consequence — a mere reflection — of the IGMR Americans who chose him over Al Gore.

It is important to remember that the leaders of a society are a reflection of the society, and it is more so when it is a representative democratic process which determines the leader. In the case of India, the blame for having an Italian woman as the head of the Indian government cannot be but placed on those IIGMR (illiterate ignorant gullible myopic retarded) Indians who voted for her. Bihar chooses TSMVIs with sickening regularity (thieving sly mendacious vindictive idiots) because Bihar’s electorate is over-represented by IIGMRs.

Come to think of it, ignorant gullible myopic retards are a universal phenomenon. In India, they have the additional qualification of being largely illiterate. Outside of India, they are literate but a large number of them are IGMR. For instance, take the Americans of Indian origin. The Economic Times (Mumbai) in their Oct 28th edition report that “outsourcing row tilts Indians towards Bush.” One worthy is quoted as saying, “With respect to John Kerry’s victory, I am concerned that his tax proposals to curb outsourcing will have a greater impact on Indian businesses, as well as Indian American business that have established off-shoring companies …”

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, a perfect example of ignorance, gullibility, myopia, and retardedness. Allow me to elaborate. Bush has been arming Pakistan with billions of dollars worth of weapons. Pakistan is the epicenter of global terrorism and a significant portion of what it receives from the US, it uses against India in shocking acts of terrorism and in wars, both covert and otherwise. A vote for Bush by a person of Indian origin implies gross ignorance of what an additional four years of Bush presidency would do to India.

Kerry has expressed his deep concern about the loss of American jobs to global outsourcing. He is an American and he is rightly concerned that Americans are losing jobs. If he is elected president, he would do what is best for the US. Will he take protectionist measures? Don’t know. Maybe it is just election time posturing, maybe it is sincere. Believing that Kerry will shut down outsourcing (and thus cripple American businesses worldwide) is sheer gullibility.

Now for the myopic bit. India is a large country and a fairly large economy. If India is to become a developed economy, its domestic market has to increase. That is, its domestic production and consumption has to be sufficiently large to reflect its population (which in my opinion should really be a tenth of what it is.) If people believe that income from outsourcing will do anything other than make marginal differences, they are sadly mistaken. Worse than being mistaken, if energies are directed towards outsourcing activities, it could lead to neglect of other more vital sectors of the Indian economy which would ensure that India continues to be abjectly poor.

Bush has made the world a very dangerous place in the four years he had been in office. It is important to remember, however, that he has been on “best behavior” because he knew that he would run for re-election. If he wins this time around, he will not have to be on his best behavior for the next four years. Can you imagine what he would be like in the years to come when he can be on his “worst behavior”? Not being able to imagine that is being retarded. Those Indian Americans who would vote for Bush are therefore IGMR. QED.

The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

Author: Atanu Dey


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  1. I am not too sure about the election procedures in the US and this is what I would have done if I was registered to vote in California.

    A 3rd voice is really important, neither the republicans nor the democrats do what they promise anyway. I would have voted for Nader, and probably 50 years from now someone one from a 3rd party has enough votes to win. Obiously I assume that the Kerry is going to win CA.



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