A Modest Proposal — Part 2

Today I continue exploring my modest proposal for making India 100% literate. One may exclaim “How can a proposal which seeks to spend $60 billion be considered modest!?” It is a modest proposal considered in relation to the task at hand. We have around 400 million (give or take a hundred million) illiterate humans living in this day and age within the boundaries of India. It is not a small number. Educating one person at the cost of $200 is not an extravagent sum. What I am outlining is a way to use the modest amount efficiently and effectively so as to lay the foundation for a true transformation of India. Continue reading “A Modest Proposal — Part 2”

You might be a third world country if …

Reading some of the more outlandish claims about how India is an IT superpower is a surreal experience. The chest-thumping, right from the highest offices in India to the lowliest journalistic office, is a sight to behold and marvel at. Don’t know why they have to do it. Perhaps they are plain ignorant or perhaps they feel that if they repeat a lie often enough, it will become true in the real world. Their naivete is touching and pathetic.

If you put on airs about being an information and knowledge superpower when about 351,587,482 (more than the combined populations of US and Canada) of your citizens are illiterate, you might be a third world country.

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