The Care and Feeding of the Permanent Arms Industry

Don't let me stop your great self-destruction. Die if you want to, you misguided martyr. I wash my hands of your demolition. Die if you want to, you innocent puppet! -------------- Pilate to Jesus at the trial in Jesus Christ Superstar. Fact: A permanent arms industry requires perpetual wars for its sustenance. Fact: The most … Continue reading The Care and Feeding of the Permanent Arms Industry

The Price of a Revolution

The recently concluded elections in the US gives credence to what H. L. Menken (1880-1956) predicted when he wrote: "As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire … Continue reading The Price of a Revolution

Corruption and Economic Development: A Reference

Yesterday I claimed that India is the world's largest kleptocracy somewhat along the lines of the claim usually made about India being the world's largest democracy (if you use a really flexible definition of democracy, of course.) One reader, Sudhar, wanted to know exactly how is it that corruption retards economic growth. It is a … Continue reading Corruption and Economic Development: A Reference

India, the World’s Largest Kleptocracy

My brother came to visit me at our offices in Lower Parel in Mumbai this afternoon. He was duly impressed by the spanking new buildings that occupy what used to be Morajee Mills land. I guess I can understand why he was impressed because usually he ends up in seedy run-down offices trying to do … Continue reading India, the World’s Largest Kleptocracy

India and Utility Computing

Stand-alone computing a la PCs delivering "services" is fine for those who can afford that luxury, but is definitely a show-stopper for those who have very little disposable income and yet can make use of those services that PCs deliver. I remind myself repeatedly that people do not want a PC -- what they actually … Continue reading India and Utility Computing

You might be a third world country if …

Indian roads reflect the amazing diversity that is India, a mix of the modern and the ancient. It is as if a cross-section of the entire history of transportation were displayed for all to marvel at. A huge mass of humanity using every conceivable mode of transportation -- from no-wheelers to two-wheelers (powered and otherwise) … Continue reading You might be a third world country if …