Want a gmail account?

I have a bunch of gmail invites. Email me at atanudey at gmail dot com if you want one. I am sorry that I will not send a gmail invite in reply to a comment.

Even though I say very clearly that one has to email me and NOT post a comment asking for a gmail account, about twice a week people post comments asking for an account. Clearly these people lack basic reading and comprehension skills.

Author: Atanu Dey


236 thoughts on “Want a gmail account?”

  1. Dear Atanu
    can u send me a Gmail invitation on the mentioned email.I am desperate to get it.I would be very grateful.


  2. Hello,
    People can anybody assist me to get a gmail account by sending a request., please .,

    prakash kashyap


  3. hi,
    iam trying to get gmail id from so many days plz help me out to get gmail account and iam trying but i unable to get msg ya

    kalyan kumar


  4. hi
    i want to create a gmail account. so, can you send me an invitation for creating a gmail account

    thank you


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