India’s Real Criminals

Well, now we can all sleep soundly. Justice and reason have triumphed against the formidable forces of evil that had threatened to undermine the very basic fabric of our millennia old civilization. Our future is assured, our children can now grow up in a land of milk and honey, we can walk the streets without fear and with our heads held high. We can now proclaim with pride Mera Bharat Mahan and truly believe that India is shining.

For those who have not heard the momentous news, let me clue you in. The arch villain I am referring to is none other than Daya Nand of Narnaul (Harayana). Sixteen years ago, this enemy of humanity, committed an atrocity so immense that all the forces of the good and the holy had to be arrayed against him. But truth eventually triumphs. The Supreme Court of India prevailed and sentenced him to a life in prison and imposed a fine on this criminal as well for his unspeakable crime. Continue reading “India’s Real Criminals”

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