Did Britain Impoverish India?

Asking "Did Britain impoverish India?" is like asking "Is water wet?" Of course, Britain impoverished India during their rule as the colonial masters of India. To extract wealth from a colony and exploit its peopleĀ is the primary motivation for colonization. Expecting the colonial masters to be a benign, self-sacrificing force is delusional. Colonization is not … Continue reading Did Britain Impoverish India?

All That is Good and Living in Us

Nirad C Chaudhuri (1897 - 1999) dedicated his book, The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian (1951), to the British Empire. To the memory of the British Empire in India, Which conferred subjecthood upon us, But withheld citizenship. To which yet every one of us threw out the challenge: "Civis Britannicus sum" Because all that was … Continue reading All That is Good and Living in Us