B Raman: “Aurangzebs of Today”

B Raman is the one to read to understand matters of security. His analysis is accurate and dispassionate. So do yourself a favor and read his recent paper (March 8th) at the South Asia Analysis Group site on "Aurangzebs of Today." He delves into the history of how Aurangzeb is perceived in Pakistan and why. … Continue reading B Raman: “Aurangzebs of Today”

Rewriting Indian History: Book review by CJS Wallia

The following is a review of Francois Gautier's Rewriting Indian History. (New Delhi: Vikas Publishing 1996). The reviewer is C J S Wallia who writes: From my own perspective as a secular humanist, I believe that any whitewashing of historical record is counterproductive. No matter how lofty the ideals of a current cause, any whitewash … Continue reading Rewriting Indian History: Book review by CJS Wallia

Missing in action since 1945

What is the real story behind the disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose? Why should we--60 years after the event--care about what happened? Who was he and does it really matter? I think that there is a deep mystery and the solution of that mystery may have profound implications in our understanding of our own … Continue reading Missing in action since 1945