Missing in action since 1945

What is the real story behind the disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose? Why should we–60 years after the event–care about what happened? Who was he and does it really matter?

I think that there is a deep mystery and the solution of that mystery may have profound implications in our understanding of our own history. Only recently I have started to learn something of the issue and I wrote about it last month. Desh Kapoor recently pointed me to a site that could serve as the starting point for educating ourselves about who Bose was and the mystery surrounding his disappearance: Mission Netaji: Missing in Action Since 1945.

Author: Atanu Dey


6 thoughts on “Missing in action since 1945”

  1. Dear sir,
    can you send me details of articles
    What is the real story behind the disappearance of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose?


  2. As a young boy I started admiring Netaji when I read his heroic ventures but as time passed by and when I read and came to understand more and more about our freedom struggle and Netaji, he seemed to me more immature, emotional, and I felt, by divine providence he did not head our country. I shuddr to think what it would have been like if got independence by armed struggle- we would have been another Afganistan.
    I feel, too much of mysticism and charisma were built into his stories to make him larger than life when in fact he was actually fascist admirer. Hitler did not give him audience when he offered INA services to fight Britain. Hitler ironically felt that British rule was the best thing that had happened to India and asked his deputy why Bose was interested to throw them away. In fact Hitler had poor opinion about Indain capabilities and brushed away the offer of Bose.


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