The answer to the post A Simple Puzzle is “the number of airports.” The US has the largest number of airpots in the world: around 20,000 — give or take a few dozens.

It’s not hard to explain why this is so. The US is vast, is rich, and has been the pioneer in aviation since the beginning of powered flight in 1903.

The first airport in the world was built in the US in 1909. “College Park Airport in the U.S. state of Maryland is the oldest airport that is still in operation. The airport was established in the year 1909 as a training field by the Wright brothers, and was used to train two military men to fly the U.S. Federal government’s first airplane.” [Source.]

Thanks for all those who attempted to answer the puzzle. Too bad the fabulous prize for the correct answer remains unclaimed. Raghuram came pretty close but dropped the ball before reaching the goal. I suppose I will have to conjure up another puzzle for you all to have a shot at the prize.

(Image at the head of this post is SFO, at the top of the list of airports I have arrived at or departed from.)

Author: Atanu Dey


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