AMC – Swiss Music

So the last post was about the Swiss. It seems appropriate then to put out this “All Music Considered” post. I think yodeling is particularly Swiss.

For many Indians (which includes me), their introduction to yodeling was through a few Kishor Kumar songs in which he yodeled. We, of course, didn’t know at that time that it was not original to him but was a borrowed tradition. I learned soon enough that he was imitating the Swiss. I don’t say that imitation is bad but only that it is good to know that something is not original.

But whatever. Here are a couple of yodeling songs I like.  Let’s start with a Franzl Lang’s song, shall we?

And the next one has a couple of lovely ladies.

Listen. And marvel at the range of lovely music that we are so fortunate to listen to whenever we want. It is a wonderful world.

Isn’t it awesome that there’s diversity in the world? Sure, Indian classical is great but so is Western classical. We ought to marvel at the fact that we have such a diversity of traditions. Nearly all of our traditions are lovely. And we are so lucky to have access to them all. If only we want to learn from others, of course.


Author: Atanu Dey


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