Oh! Calcutta!

Billboard on Broadway in 1981

Here I am not referring to the off-Broadway theatrical review Oh! Calcutta! which debuted in 1970 and “ran in London for over 3,900 performances, and in New York … including a Broadway revival that ran for 5,959 performances, making the show the longest-running revue in Broadway history at the time,” (according to the Wikipedia.)

I am referring to a speech ostensibly made by one Adit Jain of IMA in June 2021. No doubt Jain in the title to his talk is cleverly referencing that play but that’s not material here. The fact is that Bengal has descended into disaster because … Wait, let me not get ahead of the story.

To set the context, if you have not read the page on this site, Oh Calcutta! The Fallen Star, go read it. Then let’s discuss the matter. I assume that the piece is authentic[1]. But even if its a fake speech, the facts are undeniable; they plainly show that Bengal is a disaster of epic proportions.

My interest in Bengal derives from the fact that my ancestors come from Bengal. My immediate ancestors — my grandfather was born in Bengal — were forced to move out of the eastern Bengal because they were threatened with death if they did not convert to Islam. I am glad that they chose not to because if they had converted, their descendants — your truly included — would have been condemned to poverty, violence and misery like those who did.

But Islam was not the end of the horrors Bengalis faced. Communist ideology was the final nail of the coffin that Islam had prepared for Bengal. Communism and Islam are the double whammy that no people can escape. Destruction of anything civilized is inevitable when the people come under the dual spell of Islam and communism: two regressive, totalitarian ideologies that are anti-human and therefore anti-civilization.

When I was growing up, our family would visit Calcutta from Nagpur every winter vacation to see my maternal relatives. My ‘sejo-mama’ was the chief medical officer of a steel plant in Howrah known as GKW — Guest, Keen and Williams. We joked that we were the “guests of keen Mr Williams”. That firm, like scores of other firms, is no more, as you would read in the piece by Adit Jain.

I can’t explain why Bengalis are susceptible to destructive ideologies like communism and Islam. They are not significantly stupider than humans elsewhere. But even intelligent, educated Bengalis (Amartya Sen, I’m looking at you) are drawn like moths to a flame to Islam and socialism, even when it’s plainly evident that that is why Bengal is pathetically poor and miserable.

It is said that Bengal is India’s avant-garde — what Bengal does today, India does tomorrow. That should be a warning for the rest of India. Calcutta (now restored to its old name Kolkata) and Bengal descended into poverty and irrelevance yesterday, and India is following that same pattern today. But oblivious to the danger of falling off the cliff, Indians are blissfully going full speed ahead toward their destruction.

Indians love Modi. And Modi loves Islam and communism. Destruction is guaranteed. Svaha. Tathastu. So be it.

It’s all karma, neh?


[1] I was forwarded that article on whatsapp. I tried and failed to find the piece on the web. If it doesn’t exist on the web, I doubt its veracity. It may be fake but the claims made in the piece do appear to bear out.




Author: Atanu Dey


6 thoughts on “Oh! Calcutta!”

  1. “I can’t explain why Bengalis are susceptible to destructive ideologies..” I think you answered it yourself. Look carefully at your statement related to Modi. He supports communism and Islam? OK. If only I had a bridge to sell in Brooklyn, I would know which community to sell it to


    1. afmanage —

      If you had a bridge, you could sell it to any “community” you wish. People are gullible, ignorant and stupid. Which is why they continue to be exploited by politicians and crooks (but I repeat myself.) Modi is anti-markets and anti-Hindus. You would work it out for yourself but for your ideological blindness.


  2. Lord of men the great visionary leader Modiji (may glory be upon him gbuh) is indeed a lover of communist styled systems. Anyone with half a brain and basic literacy can infer that just by reading the news. Now, it might not be very noticeable given than everyone else too is pretty much the same but the lord of men Narenda (gbup) is more efficient. What is worse than a corrupt communist ? a sincere communist.

    Wait for Modi (gbup) 3.0 and you will see how he unleashes the babus on us.

    Lord of men (gbuh) loves Islam ? You might need a much clearer Hindu heart to see that. Because for those who are dhimmis, he will appear just like themselves.

    I am told that the only ruler of Delhi who managed to ban celebration of Diwali or tried to regulate it was Aurengzeb. Second one ? You guessed it write. lord of men himself (gbuh).

    As of today in India you can’t have a large Durga idol but you can erect 20 feet tall Modiji (gbuh) statue.

    You can’t use crackers for Diwali but you can use them to celebrate his victory or arrival at airport.

    Lord of men (gbuh) is so powerful that even covid protocols that apply to everyone else do not apply to his rallies. Because the virus is scared of him.

    Modi (gbuh) is the new prophet and new god in India.


  3. Simply amazing. I used to wonder why Hindus are in a situation where they are. Looking at the comments above finally gave me that answer. Supposedly intelligent people are blaming Modi as a communist and Islamists.
    George Soros has won this battle. Hats off to his team.

    I think i have seen everything now. No hopes. Just no hopes.


    1. Dont worry. Those who call Modi communist and Islamist are people who have unrealistic utopian expectations. Realpolitik does not matter to them anyone who does not 100% match their ideal version will be called names.
      Now, the fact that Modi is the first leader of India who took bold step towards high profile PSU privatization, setup IBC, planning privatization of banks, tried to bring in Agri reforms (being resisted by actual communists and islamists) to name a few. Yet for some Modi is the communist.
      Modi has finally brought about the Ayodhya temple into reality – yet he is being accused of being an Islamist.
      For some unless a person made in their perfect image descended from heaven no one else would be quite adequate.
      Folks who only deal with theory and have never really governed critical systems cannot imagine how hard it could be to lead a messy dynamic system with multiple stakeholders.
      Oh well … Dont worry India has the right leadership by far given the possibilities


      1. I am almost certain these folks never had to manage an organization of more than 2 people :).. Good they can afford the luxury of lecturing from their arm chair in nice english…

        Right from Gujarat 2002, to Triple Talaq, to Ayodhya, to article 370 to Balakot strike, Modi has shown real islamism I am sure..

        These people commenting on him will be the first ones to knot their tails inside their butts if they have to standup to even one Muslim.


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