Problem with the commenting system

A couple of people have attempted to post comments and somehow the comments are not being accepted. Upon investigation, it appears that if you are logged in on a wordpress account, the comment you post disappears.

The workaround for now is to not be logged in to a wordpress account. Use some fake name and email id to post a comment. That comment  will be held for moderation and I will approve it. I guess this problem is transitory and will get fixed soon.

This administratie post will self-destruct in a few days.

Update: It appears that if you use a gmail address in the email field, then wordpress “disappears” the comment. 

Author: Atanu Dey


5 thoughts on “Problem with the commenting system”

    1. Enthused, I entered my longer version of the reply (with some basic html formatting). The longer version did not go through.

      I am postulating that my html-tags screw up something in the system. Not just for me but for everybody. When Atanu posted his policy-question post, I was the first one to enter the reply (html tags and all). Is it possible that that screwed up? From now on, no html.


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