The Climate Change Debate — Oh no, not again!

If you are not worried about the climate change hoax, you are not paying attention. It’s the biggest scam that’s going around.

In a previous post I proposed that a simple test of the super loser — having a facebook account. Here’s another simple test to figure out if you’re a super retard. You might be a redneck super retard if you believe in the currently fashionable tripe about climate change.

The stand-up comedian Jeff Foxworthy (a proud descendant of a long line of rednecks) defines a redneck as someone “with a glorious lack of sophistication.”[1] I define a super retard as one with a glorious inability to competently arrive at conclusions that evidence and reason compel. My sincere advice to you is to not be a super retard (although being a simple retard is still acceptable.)

Here’s the how not to be a super retard. Watch John Stossel’s quick video about climate alarmists spreading myths and whipping up hysteria about impending doom. (Be warned: that super irritating Swedish teenager is shown in this clip.)

And then when you have the time, watch the presentation by three academicians who are skeptical about the doom and gloom, and reject the claim that there’s a climate change crisis. They’d hoped that it would be a debate about climate change and global warming. But the climate alarmists are wary about having their claims disputed. So they simply don’t accept any offer to debate. Very wise of them.

Alright, here there the presentation of 23rd September sponsored by the Heartland Institute. Have fun.



[1] Jeff Foxworthy. “Somebody claimed that there’s a shortage of sophisticated people in this country. Which I took to mean that there was an abundance of people like me. And I started thinking about the differences — and they are vast …”

I admit that to really appreciate his humor requires some familiarity with  American — and particularly — Southern culture. I love the accent and the people, to tell you the truth. I think you might enjoy his monologue. Give it a spin.

“See, rednecks think that mutual funds means everybody’s having a good time.” 

Author: Atanu Dey


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