South Korea is Weird

South Korea is weird. Meaning, it is “Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic.”

The last bit was not always true. It was a military dictatorship or autocracy until 1997 when it became a modern democracy with the election of Kim Dae-jung. Here’s some interesting facts about South Korea from the wiki:

South Korea is a highly developed country and the world’s 11th largest economy by nominal GDP. Its citizens enjoy the world’s fastest Internet connection speeds along with the world’s second best healthcare system, resulting in the third highest health adjusted life expectancy in the world. The world’s 5th largest exporter and 8th largest importer, South Korea is a global leader in many technology and innovation driven fields. Since 2014, South Korea has been named the world’s most innovative country by the Bloomberg Innovation Index for 6 consecutive years. Since the 21st century, South Korea has been renowned for its globally influential pop culture such as K-pop and TV dramas, a phenomenon referred to as the Korean Wave.

Alright, now you’re all set to learn something new. South Korea is not only weird,  it’s weirder than you can imagine. Enjoy.

Author: Atanu Dey


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