Public wealth return

What is not privately owned is public wealth. It’s everything that exists within the territorial boundaries of a country and the citizens have a legitimate claim to it. The question is this: who has the authority and the right to control it? Furthermore, when and how do the citizens of a country get access to their share of what wealth they collectively own?  Continue reading “Public wealth return”

The Catholic Church is Force for Good in the World

I love a good debate, and naturally so because I am the argumentative kind. Most of all, I like debates centered around religion.. The line dividing the opposing sides is sharp, and the positions irreconcilable. I delight in the skewering that monotheism takes in them.

A superb example of that is the intelligence2 debate in which the proposition before the house was “The Catholic church is a force for good in the world.” Opposing the motion were Steven Fry and Christopher Hitchens. For sure they are masters of their mother tongue, and more pertinently they are implacably opposed to the Catholic church.  Continue reading “The Catholic Church is Force for Good in the World”

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